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Spatial Curvatures

NFT: Limited Edition

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art by Dist Collective

ā€œSpacetime grips mass, telling it how to move... Mass grips spacetime, telling it how to curve.ā€ ā€“ John Archibald Wheeler Spatial Curvatures captures the powerful and mysterious essence of the universe, depicting the phenomena of gravitational lensing, the spacetime continuum, and the space fabric. The main focus of this piece is the visualization of the warping, bending, and fracturing of light and space fabric caused by gravity. The viewer can see how the fabric of spacetime is affected by the presence of matter and energy, and how this in turn affects the motion of objects within the universe. In creating this artwork, a particle system was utilized to create the spacetime fabric, and various shaders were used to visualize how gravity can warp, bend, and fracture the fabric and light. Best experienced in fullscreen.

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1/1/150 Editions

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