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Makio 135

Concrete Letters

NFT: Limited Edition

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art by Makio 135

Concrete grey and cold, Graffiti bright and bold, A love affair that's told, Through colors of the night. The streets were the venue, Where they'd come together, A bond so strong and true, That only time could sever. The artists made their mark, The concrete held their art, A canvas for their heart, Though the law would not allow. The beauty of the city, Grew in the night, As the works of art, Glimmered in the light. The love affair endured, Despise the odds, And the city was transformed, By the beauty of their love. Makio135 x ChatGPT I am constantly drawn to the rough, spray-painted concrete walls of my city, and I wanted to capture that sense of life and movement in Concrete Letters. This series is an ode to the aesthetics of graffiti and the beauty of architecture, a collection of digital artworks that evoke the energy and movement inherent in the urban landscape. As the pieces unfold, the vibrancy and movement captured in each line, curve, and cut develops a kind of calligraphy, inspiring us to see the world around us in a new light. This series is a window into the cityscape, highlighting the beauty that surrounds us, if only we take the time to look. Concrete Letters Lionel Radisson | makio135

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