Marjan Moghaddam

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Marjan Moghaddam

#Lordess Drop into Bars


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Note: This is only a low resolution preview.

Lordess Is featured in numerous viral #arthacks by Marjan as part of her Glitch Goddess collection and is the third 1/1 NFT employing this figure.

Lordess not only glitches conventional humanoid female forms but also the art historic convention of bodies retaining a singular shape, while glitching the side-to-side posing conventions of fashion and contemporary video portraiture.
Set against an AI GAN variation of an abstract generative image, it was further glitched, forming the spatial environment and the architectural niche for the figure.

Exploring the possibilities of the Posthuman digital body through Avant Garde 3d CG, this vertically oriented, animated portrait has music by the artist as well.
Marjan uses a combination of 3d sculpture, pose-to-pose animation, procedural and generative 3d animation, AI GAN-generated elements, 2d and 3d glitch, and dynamics/simulations in her technical pipeline. Known for her original, unique, award-winning, and highly recognizable style of 3d CG fine arts, Marjan is a pioneering digital artist with a substantial and critically acclaimed body of work over the course of the decades. Her work explores the aesthetics and philosophical underpinnings of the Post Digital and how the technology is changing us as humans.

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