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Sam J

Stills: Collective Illusion

NFT: 1/1 Collection

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art by Sam J Note: This is only a preview.

I have been reflecting upon how we view ourselves, and our internal consciousness. Throughout my time in this space meeting so many great people, these relationships so deeply informed me on who I am, and who I want to be. I believe that the communities and connections that we choose to foster and maintain not only reflect our own moralities, but also the inverse. We are nothing but a reflection of the people who have molded us into who we present. Our journey of personal growth can be cataloged by the people we surround ourselves with. Interpersonal networks are a beautiful synthesis of our collective consciousness, a tangible decentralized realization of who we are. We are a collective illusion of ourselves. Each relationship we cater to has been visualized by the splines in this work, creating the effect that the figure is nothing but an apparition.
These are still renders generated from the data set of my body in motion visualized as the 1/1 Collective Illusions art piece featured in Unreal Engine 5.

10 works - 1/1/10

0.15 ETH per work