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Uncommon Screen

NFT: 1/1 Auction

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art by Tù.úk'z

"Uncommon Screen" is an abstract digital artwork created by Artificial Intelligence as part of the exhibition exploring the theme of "Post-Contemporary Art: The Digital Canvas."

The piece consists of a fluid, unique digital canvas that appears to be in a constant state of dream, using muted colors and soft shapes in unexpected ways.
The composition is inspired by the idea of the digital world, and its fluidity, where things are dynamic and changing, the lines and shapes are not definitive.
The artwork explores the relationship between technology and art, and the way in which AI can create unique pieces.

Viewers are invited to interact with the piece, experiencing it in a new and different way each time.
This artwork showcases the potential of AI to push the boundaries of traditional art and challenge our perceptions of creativity.

1/1 Edition

Reserve price: 0.5 ETH